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International Symposium on Biomineralization (BIOMIN XIV)

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Today begins the International Symposium on Biomineralization (BIOMIN XIV), which taking place in Tsukuba, Japan, from 9th to 13th of October, and coinciding with such special occasion, I have decided to open this website.

Biomineralization Web Ismael Coronado

The idea to create Biomineralization web, does not emerge only as a personal website, with my bio and curriculum, but as a way in order to bring closer biomineralization studies and ideas to other avid readers (scientists or not) with the purpose to widespread the advances of Biomineralization community and disseminate their results. In addition to distribute news as symposiums, workshops, job offers from biomineralization, geochemistry, or related research areas. So, information regarding these topics is welcome by clicking on contact.

The Biomineralization is a multidisciplinary research area, which involve many subjects such as chemistry, mineralogy, material sciences, geochemistry, palaeontology, medicine, among others. Conferences such as Biomin XIV, offer us a particular opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute to the synergy of Biomineralization community.

Tsukuba (Japan) International Congress Center

Tsukuba (Japan) International Congress Center

Current advances on this topic have common purposes: to solve specific problems applying biominerals or studying the mechanisms of their formation, but with many faces or interest areas as have been outlined by the organizing committee of Biomin XIV, such as: crystallization and structure of biominerals; molecular and cellular regulation in biomineralization; genome-based analysis of biomineralization; medical aspects of biomineralization; evolution in biomineralization; bio-inspired mineralization and biominerals as proxy of palaeoenvironments.

Although my background is in Earth Sciences (specifically palaeontology and geology), I would like to address all the interest areas above-mentioned, although with a special emphasis in past and current advances related with evolutionary biomineralization and biominerals as proxy of palaeoenvironments. If it is possible I would like to commemorate previous works and some scientific figures of this field that have contributed largely on the knowledge ab initio, of this exciting research topic.

See you soon with more information, but first it time to enjoy and learn in the Biomin XIV.

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